Vision, Mission & Quality Policy


To be the country's complete and primary source of quality products comprised of hospital, medical and laboratory equipment/devices and supplies and other alternative healthcare products, complimented with reliable and efficient customer service.


To earn the distinction of being a byword organization in the medical and healthcare industries, and thus, become a source of pride for its customers, business partners, shareholders, and employees.




-To maintain leadership in the distribution of high-quality yet affordable brands of hospital, medical, and laboratory equipment and supplies, and other alternative healthcare products, by preserving the availability of its stocks at all times, and by sustaining its competent and dependable customer service.


-To design, create, and develop its own brand of medical supplies, which can be marketed globally by ensuring competitive quality and pricing.


-To provide employees with a well-defined career advancement and other opportunities, fair and just compensation and benefits, as well as adequate and effective training in human resources development.


-To be a well-managed organization that uses tested and effective business processes through the latest in information technology.


-To provide shareholders with a fair return of investments.




MEDICAL CENTER TRADING CORPORATION strives to be the country's primary source of high quality yet affordable brands of Hospital, Medical and Laboratory equipment & supplies.


We are committed to satisfy applicable requirements, thus all employees are responsible for continual improvement of Quality Management System.


We are dedicated to exceeding customer's expectation by providing the best services from our competent and highly motivated employees. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction all the time.




The Brand Management Department

MCTC formed a marketing arm composed of Product Managers, each specializing in his/her own product line. This group is tasked to source, explore and research of various medical, hospital, surgical, dental, and laboratory products that are available in the market worldwide. After an extensive evaluation, analysis and proper documentation from the different government agencies, the products are then channeled for local distribution through a well funded campaign of advertisement.

The BMD are grouped into:

1. Personal & Home Health Care Division - Mr. Bienamor Pesa, Product Manager
2. Hospital Health Care Division - Mr. Raymund Estilo, Product Manager
3. Specialty Health Care Division - Mr. Ray Michael Catbagan, Product Manager
4. Meridian Medical Supply Division - Ms. Corazon A. Bisquera, Product Manager
5. Medic Diagnostic Division - Mr. Phillip Pescones, Product Manager
6. Medicent/Indent - Mr. Ronald Braganza/Mr. Arnel Hinagpis - Indent Supervisors

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