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Intubation Products

Dr. Kelly Stomach Tube

QAD Code:

Brand: Dr. Kelly

  • Designed for nasal and gastric introduction for nutrition and aspiration of intestinal secretion Smooth outer surface to reduce chances of tissue irritation
  • Thermosensitive material softening with body temperature conforming to the shape of nasal-gastric tract
  • Provided with full-length radio-opaque line for checking the tube placement
  • Provision of four eye-holes for efficient aspiration
  • Marked at 45,55,65,75 cm from the distal end
  • Sterile, non-toxic and pyrogen free
  • Manufactured by Integral medical Products Co. LTD., China
  • BFAD Reg. No. DVR 6001
QAD Code Size Packing  
    Inner  Master
1608032 Fr. 10x125 cm 25 pcs 400 pcs
1608033 Fr. 12x125 cm 25 pcs 400 pcs
1608034 Fr. 14x125 cm 25 pcs 400 pcs
1608035 Fr. 16x125 cm 25 pcs 400 pcs
1608036 Fr. 18x125 cm 25 pcs 400 pcs


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