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Catheterization Products

Trucath Foley Cath. 2way

QAD Code:

Brand: Trucath

  • Rounded smooth, firm tip for non traumatic and easy introduction.
  • Smooth, optimal eyes for efficient and uninterupted drainage.
  • Strong symmetrical balloon ensuring patient safety and proper placement in bladder.
  • Optimal thickness that provides strenght and flexibility, yet maximum patient comfort.
  • Fast and effective drainage and maximises encrustation and clogging.
  • Kink resistant and adaptable to any drainage connecting system.
  • Reinforce shaft allow effective suctioning and prevents collapse of shaft.
  • Siliconized elastomer coating protects against urethra irritation and resist encrustation.
QAD Code Size                            Packaging
1621003  Fr-12 x 15cc 2 way  10pcs/box
1621004  Fr-14 x 15cc 2 way  10pcs/box
1621005  Fr-16 x 15cc 2 way  10pcs/box
1621006  Fr-18 x 15cc 2 way  10pcs/box
1621007  Fr-20 x 15cc 2 way  10pcs/box
1621008  Fr-22x 15cc 2 way  10pcs/box
1621009  Fr-24 x 15cc 2 way  10pcs/box
1621010  Fr-14 x 30cc 2 way  10pcs/box
1621011  Fr-16 x 30cc 2 way  10pcs/box
1621012  Fr-18 x 30cc 2 way  10pcs/box
1621013  Fr-20 x 30cc 2 way  10pcs/box
1621014  Fr-22 x 30cc 2 way  10pcs/box
1621015  Fr-24 x 30cc 2 way  10pcs/box


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