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Orthopoedic and Support Products

LP Sacro Lumbar Support

QAD Code:

Brand: LP Sacro Lumbar Support

Made of elastic breathable foam material. Helps relieve pain in lower back  from sacroiliac strains. Six pliable stays provide extra support and stabilization for the sacroiliac and lumbar joints. Hook and loop closure to adjust the width of the support for the desired tension. 



  1. HIVD ( Herniated Intervertebral Disc)
  2. Spondylosis
  3. Muscle strain/sprain
  4. low back pain

3609030-    LP 902 Sacro Lumbar Support small ( 61.0-71.1cm)

3609029-     LP 902 Sacro Lumbar Support Medium (71.1-83.8cm)

3609028-     LP 902 Sacro Lumbar Support Large ( 83.8-96.5cm)

3609031-    LP 902  Sacro Lumbar Support X-Large ( 96.5-109.2)

Waist circumference measurement.



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