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Peha Haft

QAD Code:

Brand: Peha Haft

                                                                                                                                              Offers a combination of light absorption, gentle support and conformability
Reduces risk of sensitivity, especially on delicate or traumatized skin
Adheres to itself, never to skin or hair, without pins, clips or tape
Remains secure while using less materials and fewer layers
Worn comfortably for long time periods with less risk of rolling or constricting.
Ideal for use as a first aid dressing, and in applications when light and consistent compression is required for use as a secondary dressing, splits, IV's leads and catheters ideal for use on delicate or traumatized skin, when tape cannot be used, or on difficult to dress areas such as joints.
3610009-     Peha Haft 4cm x 4m
3610011-     Peha haft 6cm x 4m
3610013-     Peha Haft 8cm x 4cm
3610010-     Peha Haft 6cm x 20m
3610012-     Peha Haft 8cm x 20m

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