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TERUMO Products

Terumo Surguard

QAD Code:

Brand: Terumo Surguard

Unique needle locking mechanism (safety sheath) helps reduce risk of needle stick injury, one-handed activation technique ultra sharps needles, clear barrels, bold, precise scale markings, smooth plunger action, tamper evident peel packs, sterilized by electron beam.


3601057-     Surguard2 1ml, 100's

3601058-     Surguard2 3ml G23 x 1, 100's

3601059-     Surguard2 5ml G23 x 1, 100's

3601066-     Surguard2 10ml G 21 x 1, 100's

3601067-     Surguard2 10ml  G23 x 1, 100's


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