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Medic Supplies

MEDIC Orange,Lemon and Strawberry 50gms,75gms, 100gms

QAD Code: 1403008, 1403002, 143011

Brand: MEDIC

MEDIC® Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) Solution is a cost efficient and ready-to-use glucose solution, designed for use in glucose tolerance testing to screen for gestational diabetes and diabetes mellitus.

Each 240ml bottle of MEDIC® OGTT Solution contains exactly 50,75,100 grams of anhydrous glucose.

MEDIC® OGTT Solution comes in a ready-to-drink format with in a 240ml bottle with a tamper evident twist-off cap.

MEDIC® OGTT Solution is an easy to drink,  pleasant tasting ORANGE,LEMON & STRAWBERRY-flavoured solution that is non-carbonated and contains colour additives.  It is also gluten, lactose, fat, caffeine and alcohol free.

With no pre-mixing or measuring required, MEDIC® OGTT Solution is convenient for accurately administering the required dose without any preparation.  It can be stored on-site and easily used as required.  It is therefore ideal for in-community testing and provides a cost effective, time saving alternative by avoiding the need to prepare test solution under clinical conditions.

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