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BSN Specialist Plaster of Paris

BSN Specialist Plaster of Paris

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Specialist Plaster of Paris uses a time-tested formula and manufacturing process that produces a consistent plaster that is uniformly coated and firmly adhered to the gauze. The result is a plaster with high dry/wet plaster retention. This means that more plaster is applied to the cast and not wasted in the wrapper or dip bucket. 



- Eliminates the need to adjust the application technique. No variation in quality from roll-to-roll

Traditional Dry Formula

- Feel and easy to use characteristics of a traditional plaster.

High dry/Wet Plaster Retention

- More Plaster on the Roll.

Excellent Strength

- Provides casts that are ideal for a wide range of application.

Setting Time

- Extra Fast "Green Label" 2-4 minutes

 - Fast "Blue Label" 5-8 minutes

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